Monday, February 6, 2017

The BEST alarm clock you will ever buy!

Mami, Papa, is it morning yet?

The regular morning call in our house that arrives anywhere between 3.30am and 5:00am, 
which is inevitably followed by...

Is it dark?


Then go back to sleep...

5mins later.....Mami, Papa, is it morning yet?

Can you hear anyone else?


Then please, go back to sleep...

5mins later.....Mami, Papa, is it morning yet?

Oh FFS!!!! Is anyone in the house walking around?


Then before I go nuts, please...GO. TO. SLEEP....!!!!!

10mins later.....Mami, Papa, is it morning yet?

..........Oh F*** it, lets just get up!

Small has never been a great at night, even as a tiny baby he was an extremely light sleeper, the slightest thing would wake him, when he grew out of that phase we had a few months of better nights and hoped that was that.. 

Then, having a pretty wild and creative imagination he went through the whole "monsters in the room" thing, so I devised some tricks to help him through that little period
( See my blog "Banish Monsters Under the Bed, Forever"

After about 5 years of trying every trick in the book Small got into a routine and started sleeping from 7pm until around 6am..pretty much perfect for our busy life in Switzerland where everything seems to start early..
The whole getting up thing is not good for me, I'm very much the night owl but.. I have slowly adjusted my "Never get up before 10" Musician lifestyle to a more acceptable Swiss style routine...made all the more painful when I must be out very late at a show following a very early morning with the boys...

Recently both BIG and Small have started to want to get up super early again, fine within reason on a school day but, we'd like at least one day of the week where we can get up after 6am if possible...

We started looking for kids clocks that would help them stay in bed just a little bit longer and did the whole telling the time thing..But, the boys would often get confused with second hand and the hour hand etc and just end up asking ... Is it 6 o'clock now?  Back to the drawing board then!!

A few weeks ago, a tip off from a friend who was suffering a similar fate, drew our attention to the fantastic CLASSENS  "Kid Sleep" Alarm Clock

An analogue and digital clock featuring a night light which can be set to illuminate a little cartoon at Bed Time which changes at Getting Up Time...


This genius little device makes it so easy for the hooligans to understand "Time" 
At night the little sleeping boy is illuminated and then at 06:30
(or a time of your choice) the little boy playing football illuminates. 

Literally overnight, the questions stopped and we got a lay in until the footballing character unleashes our boys for the day ahead...perfect!

You can find boys and girls versions in a variety of styles here:

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