Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brilliant Butties

The Butty is a wonderful thing, a very English thing...

According to Wikipedia, Butty may refer to:

Sandwich, a food made with two pieces of bread encompassing a filling.
Northern England colloquialism. A buttered (normally white sliced bread or bun) sandwich. Most commonly used for bacon sandwiches (bacon butties) or chip sandwiches (chip butties).

Why am I writing about it?

Well as an Englishman abroad, my family and workmates are often staggered at the breadth of fillings with which one may choose  to construct a Butty. It is the ultimate, all purpose snack food.

It seems that outside of ol' Blighty the Butty really has limited appeal, the people of my adopted homeland mainly seem to look at me and shake their head when they witness the construction of a butty. Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about...

Just last night my good lady wife looked on in despair as I painstakingly built a fantastic Spag Bol Butty for my tea. And it seems no-one in Switzerland gets the chip butty at all, especially when it's accompanied by a large chunk of cheddar cheese (Really not the done thing over here but, I can't give up my Cheddar!!)

I do however have a cunning plan ... I recently, covertly introduced the crisp butty to tea time...Filling up a soft "Wegli" roll with Walkers crisps was an instant hit with BIG and Small. 

I have started a quiet Butty revolution and need only sit back and watch it grow, as long as Mrs S doesn't find out, i'll be fine!

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