Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cooking Up A Storm for Valentines Day


I’m no Jamie Oliver but have always enjoyed getting stuck in and creating stuff in the kitchen. My dishes, whilst not always pretty to look at, usually taste pretty good….so I’m told.

As it was Valentines Day yesterday and I was at home on kids duty, I thought i’d whip something up for Mrs S to enjoy when she came home from a hard day at work. And so, after dropping the boys at school in the car (not my ususal practice) I hit the supermarket and purchased:

Beef Fillett
3x Shallotts
Fresh Rosemary
2 x Chillis
Parma Ham
Puff Pastry
New Potatoes

This is the basic shopping list for my Beef Welly, loosely based on a beef wellington but minus the mushroom and chestnut bit which neither of us really like..substituted with something that has a bit more kick!

So let’s get stuck in…

Heat oven to 200 and season & splash beef with some olive oil, then roast in a tray for 15 mins untill medium-rare, when it’s done stick it in the fridge to cool for 20 mins. 
Cover with foil so the meat sucks back up the juices.

Whilst it’s cooling down, prepare your chilli / garlic / shalllots….this is usualy the mushrooms and chestnut bit but this is a little spicier alternative that I came up with.

Peel and prep 3 shallots, 2 chills (if you want it spicy), a couple of chunks of Garlic depending on your taste and some fresh rosemary and blitz the lot in a processor 
until well chopped like bread crumbs.

Lay out 2 large bits of cling film and spread out your parma ham slices to suit so they overlap a bit.


Cover the ham in a thin layer of your chilli & shallott mix then place the cooled beef in the centre. 


Use the remaining shallots mix to cover the meat and using the cling film, draw the ham around the fillett and roll into a sausage shape. 

Twist the ends of the cling film to hold it in place..stick it in the fridge whilst you prep the pastry.

You can make your own pastry but with limited time before the hooligans came home, I opted for some pre-prepared Puff pastry…

Cut a nice slab of pastry for the base and stick it on a baking sheet, brush the edges with an egg wash and take the beef from the fridge, pop it in the middle of the pastry after carefully unwrapping it.


Lay another slab of pastry over the meat coating the edges of the pastry in an egg wash and gently fold it all up into a parcel, being careful to not pierce the pastry.

Coat the whole thing in a bit of egg wash and slap it in the oven 

Cook at 200c for 25 to 30 mins depending on your wish for medium or well done.

I served mine in thick slices with some gravy, oven roasted new potatoes 
and bacon wrapped asparagus.

Lovely job, very tasty and a very happy wife!

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