Monday, April 18, 2016

The Motorhead

The wife and I take our youngest and most accident prone hooligan (small) to a kind of reiki therapy to balance him up,calm him down and keep his feet on the ground... 

It's a bit freaky-deaky and initially I was extremely sceptical as to wether paying a vast amount of $ for small to lay on a table and have a very kind lady do some magic on him.....I have no idea what happens, but just assume it's some magic thing...obvs! 

But, to my surprise, it really seems to work well for him...

So, we were there last week after his latest head related mishap, this involved him falling off his BMX and impaling himself by the forehead,on the brake lever, a very relaxing Sunday bike ride! 

Anyway,  whilst he's on the table having a kind of a head massage thing, he says to the therapist, ever so politely, 

"Frau Doodah, what is this music?" 

"This is meditation music Will, do you like it?" she replies 

"No it's rubbish, please turn it off, do you have any Motorhead?"

Proud :D

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