Monday, April 18, 2016

Working for Auntie Beeb

A number of years ago, before I was married with kids and living in the U.K...I used to supplement my gigging income with some teaching for a local music authority. Basically I would travel around the county to various schools and teach Drum Kit, Snare Drum, Tympani, Percussion to small groups of kids or 1-2-1 lessons.

There was one particular school I visited which was a very well to do, private, fee paying school and was literally overflowing with amazing music gear for the students to explore.

I had a couple of group percussion ensembles and 6 individual students learning snare drum and drum kit, they were a really great bunch but there was one young lady (Lucy, 6yrs old) who just stood out, she had a gift with music and had an amazing sense of humour, way, way beyond her years..

I later found out her father was a comedian, which really came as no surprise at all

Anyway, one morning I arrived at school after a hard night of gigging and was resplendent in my sensible trousers and shirt (A dress code expected by this particular school) and was busy setting up my teaching room for the day when, in strolls Lucy with her little music bag and drumsticks under her arm.

Good morning Sir, she said offering me a polite little hand shake...Good morning Lucy, and how are you this morning? 

Oh, you know, same shit, different day! she quipped, stifling a laugh I asked her to set up her music stand for the lesson. As she unfolded the stand she was watching me intently...

Sir, do you work for the BBC? she asked with her head tilted to the side.

Yes Lucy, I do work for them on occasion, how did you guess that? I asked

I knew it! Came the reply...

You've got an earring, Dad says it must be a bloody term of employment for the BBC these days..

:   PS: What is Auntie? Older UK audiences used to refer to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) as Auntie, said to originate from the older presenters (your Auntie) who presented kids TV in the 50-60s and from the term of phrase "Auntie Knows Best"

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