Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lost in translation...

A hot summers afternoon and we're all in the Post Office, wrapping a parcel to send to Nana in England. 

As small and I fiddle around with Sellotape and brown paper, BIG is busy looking at books on the shelf and paying particular attention to an old lady at the counter. 

As we finish the parcel and head to the counter, the old lady, who has taken so much of BIGs attention, leaves and bids us "Good Afternoon" in Swiss German. 

Sensing the moment is right BIG pipes up "Wow Pa, that lady looks just like a pig, doesn't she!"

"Ohh, so schone kinder" (What beautiful children) The lady says to the innocent giggling faces of the boys 

Little did she know what BIG had just said, thank god no one in the village understands English!

I must say, he was right though, She did look like a pig ;)

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